We offer a variety of monitoring packages to meet your specific system requirements. We can use your new or existing phone lines or we can install one of our radio frequency communicators saving you the monthly expense of phone lines. The central station is manned 24/7/365 so any system activity is quickly addressed.

Many municipalities require your system to be "Certificated" by a third party agency. We utilize Intertek for this requirement. Certificated systems require more stringent efforts from us when it comes to responding to any activity with your system. We are able to update certificates quickly and easily via our internet porthole.

We review all of our accounts for activity every day, Monday thru Friday. If your account has any activity over the weekend, with the exception of certain signals to which we will respond immediately, your system will be at the top of our list for service come the next work day.

We have a number of options available to provide your system monitoring using phone lines you provide.

Installing a radio communicator means you save the expense of having to provide phone lines to your fire alarm system. Perhaps more importantly, our Control Link radio network is not shared with other fire alarm service providers, a common practice in the industry. We service and maintain our network 100% in house.

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NFPA code 72 requires that all fire alarm systems are tested and inspected for proper system function. Depending on the system design and requirements, inspection frequency will vary from quarterly to annually. All testing and inspection results must be documented on the required NFPA inspection and testing forms. Our inspection personnel will complete all required documents on site prior to leaving your property.

Our test and inspection personnel have training and experience on a wide variety of fire alarm systems and components. When your test and inspection is complete, we will provide a hard copy of the result to be left on-site and emailed to you in PDF format. If we found deficiencies with your system, we will contact you to discuss the needed corrections.

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the professionalism that your company showed during the construction of the Landmark in Palm Beach Gardens. This is the largest project built in this City since The Gardens Mall in 1987.

Lt. David DeRita,, C.F.E.I. Fire Inspector/InvestigatorPalm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue
I cannot begin to express my gratitude to you and your organization for the assistance you provided in securing our CO from Miami-Dade County.
M. Randall Harris, General ManagerMead Construction